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Welcome to the Adaptive Reuse x Placemaking course

A place to learn, discover, meet and discuss

Thank you for joining the Never Enough Architecture Competition + Course. This is your dedicated course page where we’ll post valuable resources, links to recorded lectures, and other pertinent information to enhance your learning experience. Before we begin, please ensure you’re familiar with how to join the live lectures:

  • The course will take place online (via Zoom)
  • The day before each lecture, you will be able to register to the Zoom Call through a link you’ll find down below.
  • You will receive an exclusive link to join the lecture for you and your teammates.
  • Check the time of each lecture and make sure you convert it to your local time.
  • After each lecture, a recording will be available in this page.
  • For being a participant, you get exclusive advantages, check them down below!

Your learning journey starts today.

Before the course starts, you can already start learning about the amazing world of Adaptive Reuse x Placemaking

Download the competition DWG

As you know, for the competition we will be working in an abandoned monastery near Madrid. Click on this image to get access to all the documents you will need to start working. Keep checking them from time to time since we will be adding any other relevant information we are able to gather.

Learn everything about playful cities

Sara Candiracci has led the publication of the Playful Cities Design Guide. She, alongside Dasha Moschonas and other co-authors, have created a framework for understanding the complexity and importance of play in cities, for guiding the design process for play-based interventions, and for measuring these interventions’ impact. They will explain us everything about this guide in their lecture, but you can already download it here:

Let’s dive into Placemaking!

David Engwicht is an absolute legend when it comes to placemaking. You can have a look at one of his multiple Ted Talks where he explains the importance of this concept. Besides that, you can also head to Creative Communitie’s wepage and start learning with the multiple free resources they offer. Enjoy!

Submit your competition proposal.

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Course live sessions and recordings.

Plácido González

Heritage Conservation and Contemporary Architecture: Values, Criteria, Discussion

15/11 - 14PM CET

Jochen Klein

Transforming Dresden's Military History

15/11 - 17PM CET

Kieran Gaffney

Bridging the Old and New: The Transformation Journey of an Edinburgh Church

17/11 - 16PM CET

Darius Maïkoff

Converting an Old Power Station into a Cultural Center

20/11 - 15PM CET

Sara Candiracci & Dasha Moschonas

Cityscapes Reimagined: The Playful Approach to Urban Design

21/11 - 17PM CET

David Engwicht

From Spaces to Places: The Art of Placemaking Unpacked

22/11 - 10AM CET

Javier González

Hyper-Stimulating Public Spaces

23/11 - 13PM CET

Isabel Collado & Ignacio Peydro

Experimenting with Engaging Architecture

24/11 - 17PM CET

Tiffany Dahlen

MAD Architects’ vision in Adaptive Reuse and Placemaking

28/11 - 18PM CET

Mingzhu Nerval

Birds singing through architecture – Integrating nature into built structures

29/11 - 17PM CET

Download the course presentations.

As soon as each lecture takes place, we will upload the presentations here.

Plácido González

Learn everything about heritage conservation and contemporary architecture in Spain

Jochen Klein

Donwload Jochen's presentation about Dresden Military History's Museum by Daniel Libeskind

Kieran Gaffney

The transformation journey of an Edimburgh Church

Tiffany Dahlen

MAD Architect's vision in Adaptive Reuse and Placemaking

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